Let Jaynie Higgins bring you into her world

Now Launching a Nation-Wide Book Tour and Lecture Series. 

We invite you to accept this exclusive offer to bring Jaynie to your community and inspire people with diabetes, their families, caregivers, and the entire medical community. 

A Day in Jaynie’s World features media interviews, breakfast meetings with health care providers, Luncheons with diabetes patients and families, afternoon lectures to diabetes nurses, educators, dietitians, and other health professionals and a book signing session at your hospital, health center or local mall or book store.  One entire day dedicated to supercharging your diabetes education program. 

To bring Jaynie Higgins and the Ultimate Diabetes Meal Planner to your community.   Please provide the following information: 

Name of Organization
Mailing Address
Contact Person:
Your Email Address:
Date of Program:
(Please provide two or three optional dates)
Please check the presentations you desire:
Breakfast presentation: 1Hr (Generally for Health Care Professionals)
Luncheon  presentation: 1Hr (Generally for Diabetics/Families)
Afternoon Lecture: 2Hr (Generally for Health Care Professionals)
Evening Lecture: 2 Hr (Open to General Public or Others)
Media Interviews: Scheduled as needed
Book Signing: Scheduled as needed

Fees:  Complete Package as Outlined Above:  $5,500
Individual presentations – Key Note  $4,000



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