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Diabetes is one of the fastest growing epidemics in the World.  I have had Type 1 Diabetes for most of my life.  I have had many challenges over my life but I have never let them get me down.  Now I want to share my story with the World.  I believe that we can stem the tide of diabetes by sharing my story and educating the world about the power of a healthy and sustainable meal program.  

Over the past 25 years as I have come to meet people with diabetes, adults, children, and those with Type II, I have heard one consistent message, Teach Me How to Eat.  My book, The Ultimate Diabetes Meal Planner, is my first attempt to break through all the clutter and complicated meal plans to make it simple.  My book is now available.     

I believe I have a calling to travel the World spreading the Good News about 'Life-abetes'.  Those of us who must live with diabetes until there is a cure need a nutritional foundation.  A foundation that will give us the strength, energy, and vitality to move beyond our disease and claim a rich and fulfilled quality of life that we never dreamed was possible.  I am living proof!  

Join me in this crusade to bring the 'Power of Prevention' and the life changing magic made possible through a delicious, nutritious, and inspirational meal program.  The Ultimate Diabetes Meal Planner is certified by the American Diabetes Association.  It is a tool that will make living with Diabetes a daily blessing.  Because the meal plan is designed to make food our medicine.  Even people who don't have diabetes or those with 'pre-diabetes' will benefit from the richness of the menu selections.    

So welcome to my World, 'Jaynie's' World.   Please explore my web site and come back often.  We are growing and our mission is to create a healthier planet.  Contact me and let's talk about a one hour key note address, or a full day conference that will change lives.  'Life-abetes' you gotta love it!    

Having managed to overcome severe digestive problems, visual impairment and throat surgery, Jaynie was soon to learn that God had additional crosses for her to bear. At age 25 Jaynie was diagnosed as an Insulin Dependent “brittle' Juvenile Diabetic. She enrolled in an educational program for both Type One and Type Two Diabetics. A number of the patients in her program were struggling with obesity and Jaynie began to believe that that fate awaited her as well.Placed on a 2800 calorie diet and four daily injections of insulin Jaynie who initially weighed 114 pounds was soon tipping the scales at 146 pounds more than she weighed when delivering her children.  Believing this was a good weight for her the doctor refused multiple requests to change the plan.  Jaynie began a poorly advised self managed effort to bring down her weight.   

Cutting her caloric intake in half and running after every meal Jaynie was soon on a dangerous slide down to 108 pounds.  She became jaundiced and anorexic.  Thanks to the work of an outstanding physician, Dr. Leonard Levy Jaynie began to learn about managing her diabetes.  She taught herself the tools of exercise and healthy eating and while an eating disorder is never cured she learned to mange her anorexia and was soon at a healthy weight.  This was the turn around that would take her life to new heights 

Attending every possible workshop and course she was soon a Certified Personal Trainer and she became a Health and Wellness Consultant.  She began to work with teens, particularly those struggling with eating disorders.  Her own personal experience with anorexia inspired her students and they were a great source of inspiration for Jaynie.  Through her tribulations and the diabetes Jaynie turned her life into one of helping others and she believes that all of the challenges she has faced has made her a stronger person with the ability to help educate and inspire others to new levels of wellness and an ever expanding quality of life.  

“I look at my life here on earth daily as a gift each morning I awake”, says Jaynie as she continues her life’s mission.  It’s truly been a gift living each day as if borrowed, making every day a celebration of my heart and life.”  Now with the launch of her new book, the ‘Ultimate Diabetes Meal Planner’, a nine year work of love for people with diabetes and anyone looking to achieve optimal nutritional health, Jaynie has  launched a nation-wide book tour and lecture series bringing her amazing ‘journey’ to the world.

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