Welcome to Jaynie's World

Welcome to Jaynie’s World

How exciting it is to have you visit us at Jaynie's World.  We know you will enjoy spending time on this web site and learning all about the wonderful, new ways that people with diabetes are living successful, joyful, and healthful lives.  The goal of our web site is to provide you with a host of ways to learn more about the work of Jaynie Higgins.  Jaynie is the author of The Ultimate Diabetes Meal Planner and she has spent her entire life helping to improve the lives of people with diabetes.  An Insulin dependent diabetic, Jaynie is launching a nation wide book tour and a Seminar Program that will help bring her life story and her message about living life to the fullest with Diabetes. 

This web site allows you to purchase Jaynie's new book, request her appearance during her book tour, schedule her for a seminar in your community, and sign up for program updates.  We will be offering a lot more in the future, so welcome to Jaynie's World, we are so glad to have you. 

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